What Are the Different Types of Roofing Services?

Although many people group all roofers into one group, each function differs to some extent in terms of specialization. Roofers, roof inspectors, and roofing contractors are all present. Although the duties performed by each job occasionally overlap, roofing contractors play several distinct responsibilities that set them apart from their competitors. Roofing contractors oversee the complete […]

Commercial Roofing

Is your business suffering from an old or damaged roof? Are you searching for the right commercial roofing company to help you sort out these issues? Don’t let a small leak become a major burden to your business! Henry’s Roofing has all the knowledge and expertise needed to navigate and complete your commercial roofing project […]

Residential Roofing

For most of us, a house is the largest purchase we’re likely to ever make in a single lifetime. More importantly, it’s the place our loved ones call home. Residential roofing services are a vital part of protecting your property, as well as maintaining your family’s safety.  Proudly serving Iowa’s homeowners, Henry’s Roofing is dedicated […]

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